Loft conversions

Creating extra space within the home is a big wish for many homeowners. Extending or converting your home can be an excellent alternative to moving house – and it’s a cost-effective option.

ABOltd Loft conversionsABOltd can help you make the most of all the spaces in your home. A loft conversion is one such idea that you could consider. Creating an extra living space by converting your loft is not only a fantastic way to maximise all the space your existing property has to offer, it will also add value to your home.

Is planning permission required?

It’s a common question and ABOltd will provide you with the expert advice and answers you need. There are certain limits and conditions, but generally unless you intend to alter or extend the actual roof space, planning permission is not required. A loft conversion does not normally require an application for planning permission as it is considered to be a ‘permitted development.’

ABOltd Loft conversionsABOltd loft conversion services

We offer a free consultation which will be your opportunity to discuss your ideas with our friendly and helpful team and tell us what you would like your loft space to look like. We will give you the best possible advice. If we believe that a loft conversion isn’t a sensible idea, we will tell you.

We will offer a full design for your loft conversion and take care of all the necessary structural work: flooring, windows, support roof and stairs.Our expert tradesmen will then fully insulate, board, plaster and paint as required.

ABOltd Loft conversions


ABOltd Loft conversions


What are my options with a loft conversion?

Again, this is a frequently asked question. Essentially there are two types of loft conversion:

  • Dormer conversion – This extends the roof to create more space. Dormers can come with a flat or a pitched roof and various sizes and dimensions.
  • Velux conversion – This adds Velux roof windows to add natural ventilation and light. The windows are set into the existing line of the roof. The roof retains its current shape.

Of course!

If you just require extra storage space to be created in your loft, rather than an actual living space, we can fully board your loft to facilitate this for you.

The process of getting a loft conversion created by ABOltd is simple. We will arrange a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your ideas and options. We will give you advice and approximate costs and then supply you with a full estimate.

ABOltd Loft conversionsIf you choose to proceed, we will carry out a detailed property survey and produce architectural plans. These will be submitted to the local authority (if planning permission is required).

We then agree a timetable for the work and will arrange for the relevant inspections to be carried out as the work progresses.

Once work is completed and the authorities have approved all necessary inspections, the work is signed off – and you can enjoy the new fantastic space in your home!