House extensions

ABOltd understands that creating extra space within the home is one of the biggest concerns that many homeowners have.

ABOltd House extensionsThere is much you can do around the home to manipulate and make the most of the existing space you have. There are a variety of storage and space-saving solutions that you can choose for various rooms around the home. Indeed, simply choosing particular colour schemes can make spaces appear lighter and roomier.

However, what do you do when you have exploited all the various options and you still need more space?

Well, moving house is one choice you have, of course. But you might also have a long list of reasons why you don’t you to do that. The hassle, the cost – and the simple fact that you are actually very happy where you are!
Adding a conservatory or considering a loft conversion are two relatively inexpensive ways of adding considerable extra living space and value to your home.

IMG_4096Another option is to have a bit of a rethink and explore the possibilities that can be offered by a house extension.

Extending your home, either to the side or rear will create a substantial amount of extra living space. Not only that, it will literally transform your home and, again, add value to your home should you ever decide in the future that it is time to sell. A house extension is certainly a wonderful investment for the future. But we are dealing in the here and now. And you could have your dream home right here and now with ABOltd.

Planning permission

Many homeowners are put off the idea of extending their home because of the prospect of having to obtain planning permission. Our planning team will obviously ensure that all regulations are met IMG_4090satisfactorily but, in fact, for most projects planning permission is not required.

For example, if a side extension is not more than the width of the original house, no planning permission is needed. Similarly, you can extend by up to 4 metres at the rear of a detached property (3 metres for other types) without needing to apply for planning permission at all.

We will guide you through the entire process from the planning and design of your side extension or rear extension to undertaking the work itself. We will ensure the highest standard of workmanship and use only the best materials. Work will be carried out efficiently, minimising the inconvenience and disruption to your daily lives as the work proceeds.

You will be left completely satisfied with the end result – your dream home.