GRP flat roofing system

GRP (glass reinforced plastic) roofing offers a complete and totally weatherproof roofing system. Its performance is absolutely unrivalled in terms of the protection it offers against the elements and many of the typical problems that you can get with traditional roofing systems are not an issue with GRP.

DSCF4238There’s no doubt that a GRP flat roofing system is simply the best roofing system that your money can buy. When laid correctly, a GRP flat roofing system will show no signs of deterioration even after 30 years. However, a GRP system will fail if it is not installed properly.

At ABOltd we have skilled, experienced and fully qualified installers who you can trust. Our high standard workmanship and flat roofing expertise will ensure that all your roofing needs are met fully. All our work is guaranteed and built to last.

ABOltd GRP flat roofing systemGRP contains the greatest of technological advances and the very best materials. The single-ply GRP laminate is applied over the roof deck and is finished with GRP edge trims and topcoat. This amazing flat roofing system has been specifically designed to provide a thin but flexible membrane that remains permanently watertight. Decades of protection is assured because of the UV additives within the GRP topcoat which reduce damage from sunlight.

ABOltd’s GRP flat roofing services cover all sorts of domestic and commercial applications. These include garages, conservatories and extensions, as well as guttering and gulleys. The GRP system can be used for new builds and all types of renovation and refurbishment projects.
GRP flat roofing systems will clearly outperform and outlast all other traditional and modern roofing materials. The one-layer laminate that ABOltd will apply for your roof means that all the usual problems associated with systems that have joints, seams and welds will be a thing of the past.

IMG_1026Because of its one-layer construction, an ABOltd GRP roofing system is quicker to install than most other systems and any obstructions or features can be seamlessly incorporated into the substrate or appropriately weatherproofed. Our team of experts are on hand to offer helpful and honest advice about your best roofing solutions, whatever your needs might be.

ABOltd are able to design a new GRP flat roof or repair your existing one. We can work with GRP fibreglass materials that are non-slip and make for an excellent choice for balconies.

Whether you need some minor repairs or a full flat roofing refurbishment, ABOltd are the experts. Contact us for further information or to arrange a free, no obligation quote.